Business Consulting

Through Business Consulting also known as Management Consulting,

works alongside senior management in the design, development and/or improvement to areas such as:

What we can do

• Business Planning

• Strategy Design

• Marketing Planning

• Branding and Differentiation

• Goal Setting and Accountability

• Optimize Business Performance

• Operational Improvement

• Increase Revenue

What this means to you

• Start or improve your business

• Make your business more efficient

• Get more clients

• Make clients choose you

• Reach your highest potential

• Reduce your stress

• Work smarter

• Make more money

What is Business Planning?

Your Business Plan is the document that will guide you through the maze of starting and running a successful business. We will look at your business from different angles: What you are about, your marketing, how you will operate and your financials.

The business plan will lay out strategies for your goals and address critical areas that will ensure you get to your desired destination. I have written multiple business plans over the years in different industries. They have helped entrepreneurs and small business owners take off or get back on track and I can help you write yours. Meet Lina…


What is Goal Setting?

If your business doesn’t have goals it is slowly dying because it means it doesn’t have anything to look forward to. A business without goals is a business without direction and purpose. You wonder day in and day out into the wilderness of your industry and get tossed around by every wind that comes your way. Eventually, your passion and motivation disappear and the reason for having your business in the first place is no more. Setting goals, – for everyone, not just in business- should be a priority. A Goal is the force that drives us forward.

I specialize in Goal Setting and
I can help you set and achieve yours. Meet Lina…

Your Business goals should be:



A business plan is not just for seeking funding. It’s an organized and sequential collection of to-do lists that are crucial for the success of your business.  Read more…