Leadership Training

We tailor workshops and seminars or group talks to your business needs. Some of them will include a specialized guest speaker. Leadership Training is the ultimate step in our approach as we describe in The Business Doctor.  After outlining your business needs as a Business Consultant, and making a plan to fix them; we can walk you through the process as Business Coach. In the process and as your small business grows, you will need to train your staff and this is where the Leadership Training comes in handy. You can request training in topics such as:

  • Keeping your Priorities in Order
  • Effective Goal setting
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Marketing Planning
  • Basic Accounting Principals
  • Good Stewardship and Money Management
  • Financial projections
  • How to Secure a Promotion
  • Productivity and Self Management
  • Capital / Money Management
  • Other Business and Financial Related Topics


We focus on the overall performance and satisfaction of your employees.

We provide assistance in the execution of an initiative or strategy that aligns your key people with your business goals.

We provide feedback and evaluation to your team. Our knowledge in leadership and communication skills will provide on-site training on important topics like,

Conflict resolution,
DISC personality testing,
Compatibility with other personality types,
Personal SWOT analysis,
Personal mission,
Discovering your passion and
Identifying your personal strengths.



Personal development is an evolving awareness of oneself with the intention to change or become a better version. It’s not static. It is not achieved in a one-time class and it is not a microwave quick-fix. Read more…