Business Coaching

Just like a personal trainer, a business coach will push you beyond your limits and bring out the best of your potential. Push you beyond your comfort zone and expose areas of strength you never knew you had to help you and your business reach higher ground. A relationship of trust needs to be developed because coaching goes outside the business sphere into personal territory.

Consulting Vs. Coaching

Coaching goes an extra mile. After going over the challenge areas in your business, we will work them out with you until we see the process through. By actually teaching you new methods and techniques as well as how to find your own information, a coach will help you improve your personal skills and bring out the best in you as a manager/ leader at the same time as maximizing your potential. A business coach will also address your personal priorities, confidence, your attitudes and most importantly, your thinking process and self-talk. A coach will focus more on you as an individual while you go through the outlined steps to improve the business. We help you see beyond.

A business consultant focuses on the performance of your business in areas such as business planning; goal setting and accountability; designing strategies; marketing planning; branding and differentiation; optimizing performance; improving operations; financial projections and increasing revenue. All these same areas may be approached in the consulting process as an assessment and a plan to improve them is designed for you to follow step by step. But by having a business coach you can improve all of the above areas as well but with the added benefit of motivation, deadlines, and accountability weekly reports that can be customized to your personality and learning style.


Using the Business Coaching format we will provide professional one on one advice or a focus group. This includes a private online forum and business article search website; podcasts; We are external consultants that can give you a different perspective or approach and refresh your creativity with valuable insight.



Management is the art of bringing out the best in resources, people or oneself in an organized and timely manner. According to the University of Toronto, Faculty of Information Studies. Read more…