Lina Céspedes – Strategic Planner

I design strategies for small businesses to help them make more money, grow faster and reach their highest potential.

Hi, I thought you should know this up-front:  I cannot help everyone but if I am fortunate enough to help YOU, your project becomes my project and your goals become my goals. I put all of my heart and hard work into your work and this is why I chose to help a select few at any given time. My greatest satisfaction is to contribute to a positive change in every life that I am privileged to touch. If you put into practice what I teach you and it doesn’t work I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK!


I specialize in

Business Planning
Goal Setting
Management and
Personal Development

I can work with you as a Business Consultant, a Business Coach or a Leadership TrainerAll I do is tailored to your business needs.

My passion is to empower Small Business Owners
to build and grow their companies and live a prosperous life
founded on timeless Biblical Principles.

My Passion is reflected in my work!

  • Passion for God and His Word
  • Passion for Family Values
  • Passion for Wisdom and Knowledge
  • Passion for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Passion for Learning and Teaching
  • Passion for Strategy and Planning
  • Passion for Excellence in Service
  • Passion for Latinos and Minorities
  • Passion for Prosperity and Personal Growth
  • Passion for Solutions and Change
  • Passion for Improvement and Productivity


I have a natural drive to help people see beyond and reach their financial goals and today I do this through my passion for small businesses.


I have written multiple Business Plans that meet the SBA (Small Business Administration), standards and I have participated in developing, establishing, growing and improving small businesses over diverse industries. I focus in finding the core strengths and talent of their leadership.



I do the research, reading, studying and meditating on management topics so that you can make room for other important areas in your life. My secret weapon is my consistent mentorship and personal coaches that bring out the best in me as I hope to bring out in you.





I am a Business Woman, Entrepreneur and Strategic Planner;

I have a Professional Degree in Finance and International Affairs as well as studies and experience in Business Administration and Management with a vast experience in Mortgage and Real Estate.

I am Colombian and happily married, mother of 3 beautiful children 9, 6 and 5. I have experienced both great success as well as failure in my own businesses over the last 17 years of my career.


In pursuit of my true calling I have been a Mortgage Consultant a Mortgage Broker and a Real Estate Agent finally to realize that all roads always lead me back to helping people achieve their goals. This brings fulfillment to my life.


 Giving back to my Community
is A PRIORITY for me!


Also I am a Speaker, Trainer, Writer, and have been a Host to a Successful Radio Show “Usted Y Sus Finanzas” (You and Your Finances), that aired 30 minutes, Monday through Friday for 2 and half years in the metropolitan Denver, Colorado and surrounding Areas. It was personally funded and produced to assist the Latino Community in improving their lives, businesses and personal finances. It gained recognition from HUD and the BBB for positive influence to the community.


I have helped others and I am ready to HELP YOU!

Will you commit to the process?