The Business Doctor


This is What you can expect from our Process Business Consulting, followed by our Business Coaching and ending with Leadership Training!


Getting to Know You

  • Observation
  • Initial Interview
  • In depth questionnaire
  • First Impression Assessment

Your Vitals
X-Ray and Lab Work

  • Collect information
  • Collect Records
  • Interviews to Employees, coworkers
  • We work in your environment
  • We get to see your process in action

Clinical Summary
Focus on You!

  • Evaluate existing Procedures
  • Map out your Process
  • Produce a summary of observations
  • Re-design Questionnaire
  • Formulate and design Strategies
  • Analyze opportunities
  • Prepare Evaluation

Internal Consultation
Double check our findings

  • We have a second opinion
  • Another expert consult on your case
  • A second pair of eyes
  • Look at database of knowledge
  • Research in academic community
  • Re-read results
  • Produce expert report

Communicate our Findings

  • User Friendly terms
  • Care and Treatment
  • Evidence based and relevant
  • Determine the best option

Explanation to patient

  • Explain and Review findings report
  • Tutor, and train staff
  • Communicate action plan and procedures

Follow up
Check on your Progress

  • 3 weeks and 3 months later
  • Evaluate implementation of treatment plan
  • Re-evaluate
  • Adjust and re-formulate


Execute and Implement
Do it with you!
Through coaching

  • This is a side by side process if you chose coaching we will do it with you
  • Step by Step guidance through the maze of running your business

Workshops Sharpen the ax
Through Leadership Training

  • Management and Leadership Training if Necessary
  • Tools and skills taught to your staff
  • Motivate and highlight personal strengths