Reasons To Call

We believe it takes courage to reach out and to admit that there are things in our business that we need some help with. This is why we guarantee that we will not take your business for granted.

Your Goals become our Goals!

If we are fortunate enough to earn your business you will become our VIP. We cannot handle many clients at a time because our commitment to you is complete. However, we require that your commitment to us be complete too, for the process to really impact your business! Get Started now with a free 1h. consultation!


As a small business owner we know you work very hard and our purpose is to help you thrive and be really good at what you are really good at! A helping hand, some new tools and an outside perspective can catapult you to your desired destination faster.

Vis-Zyon Consulting is a Boutique Firm that provides assistance in specific business areas. So think of us if you need a boost with the following:


  • Taking your business to next level
  • Going from solo to adding employees
  • Get through the stress of letting go when you have been doing it all on your own.
  • Creating structure and operating procedures
  • Implementing a new process
  • Making or communicating new decisions
  • Providing a fresh and unbiased perspective
  • Getting through a hitch
  • Accomplishing a specific goal
  • Learning new skills
  • Focusing back on your core strengths
  • Re-assigning responsibilities
  • Inspiring or motivating your employees
  • Stir up the relationship dynamics if you are a family business
  • Provide outside training to your group
  • Bring back the creativity and passion for your art
  • Show you a new way of doing or just refine and adjust what already works!

We are not re-inventing the wheel; we just share valuable insights that boost your creative thinking or share proven tools that are already working for other successful companies.

We simply provide “Practical Solutions Customized For You”. Our objective is to help you succeed at what you’re already good at!

The benefits of getting timely support largely outweigh the cost.

Get Started Now and schedule a 1 hour FREE Consultation.  818-310-1114

I can work with YOU if you are:

  • An Entrepreneurs
  • A Small Business Owner
  • Self-Employed
  • A Leader in your community
  • A Manager in an Organization
  • Latino Community Leader
  • Home based business.
  • Family business.
  • Start-up company
  • Referral based business
  • Professional Speaker
  • Store/Shop Owner
  • Receive a 1099 form
  • Have a DBA
  • Speak Spanish
  • Many more reasons